My Story

Over the past decade I've trained 1000's of students in the wisdom and wellness of Ayurveda & Herbalism. 

But my path to Ayurveda was not a typical one.

I started my career in Biotech, after nearly 2 decades I was traveling the world, managing global Oncology Clinical Trials and budgets well over $100M. While I was working tirelessly every day in hopes of a breakthrough therapy, my health, energy and happiness was deteriorating.  

Then, in 2012, I walked away. Burned out and exhausted. I was disheartened by a medical system designed to wait until disease before it could offer help. A system that removed all agency from the indivdual. 

I pivoted to dive deep into holistic medicine and integrate all of my experience and expertise to create simple, clear and actionable strategies. 

My unique background allows me to offer a modern, science-based approach to Ayurveda, empowering students to take control of their health, resiliency & longevity.

And now it's more important than ever before. 

When I'm not teaching you'll find me with my husband in the mountains of WNC. Surrounded by nature, learning to grow our own food, raising chickens, keeping bees and wrangling our dogs.

Ready to bring more offerings off the mat. 

Bring a complete, done-for-you content and education service and keep your community engaged & thriving. 

You're safe guaranteed. I'll never spam you or sell your contact info.