#022 TCF: This checklist will save lives


I'm not being dramatic. It absolutely will which is why I must share it. 


Download the checklist here.


My menopause journey (which sounds nicer than the year in which hellfire was rained upon me nightly), was incredibly revealing physically, emotionally, and societally.

As disorienting as the experience was, it was also incredibly clarifying. What became clearer than ever was that our healthcare system is not serving us well.


And if you fall out of the "system", the system doesn't care. 


Unfortunately, the disruption caused by covid resulted in a lot of us falling out of the system. Very often, unknowingly. Which is why I became obsessed with developing this checklist.

One thing mainstream medicine really gets right is screening. Screening doesn't mean prevention (that's Ayurveda and lifestyle medicine's sweet spot) but it does mean early detection. 


Early detection is like winning the medical mega million lottery. 


But the more I searched for a complete list of recommendations for women over 40, the more frustrated and incensed I became.

First, our Drs should just have this handout available for us. Turn 40 and here you go. But it's nowhere to be found and that includes the CDC and American Cancer Society site.

I had to spend hours and hours searching through various sites to compile a comprehensive list. Insane.

The main reason I developed the MED Method was to address this problem for women. 


We don't lack information; we lack organization and application.


MED Method answers the HOW to age vibrantly in the most efficient, practical, and natural way possible.

We're busy, we're tired and we're ready for change. That's what the MED Method is all about. Handling your business for the things you can control and influence. 


And staying up to date on your screenings has a HUGE impact! 


That's why I included it in the Start Here section of the program.

I'll send a separate email later this week with all the details on the program. FYI, it will be released on June 10th, just in time for summer!!!


But for now, here's my ask.

Print this and keep it on your fridge, in your bathroom, at your desk, plug it into your calendar, wherever and however, it can stay top of mind. Share it with your friends and family.


Please do not neglect this. I promise you it will save a life. 


Download the checklist here.


IMPORTANT! Here's a work around in the case your Dr is hesistant or you're having trouble getting an appointment. I personally use and recommend Everlywell screening kits. I have no affiliation. The assays used for these test are basically the same at every lab.

If you're having trouble getting an appointment, your Dr is not being proactive, or you just want peace of mind then order a at home kit. If it comes back positive or outside of the normal range you can use that information to jump the line and get an appointment. 

Kits I've used:

  • FIT Colon Cancer Screening 
  • Cholesterol & Lipid Test 
  • PostMenopausal Test

Additional Kits depending on your history/concerns:

  • HPV Test
  • PeriMenopausal Test
  • Thyroid
  • Hormone Test (hormones fluctuate wildly, consider results a guide, not definitive)
  • HBA1c

 Like I said, your Dr may care but the 'system' doesn't. Sometimes there's a bit of gaming we have to do. Advocating for yourself and loved ones is essential. 


PS- If you think MED Method may be useful for you, you can sign up for the waitlist here and get the full program for only $27. 


With love and gratitude,