#027 TCF: Weekly Round Up

This week I'm sharing a few Core Four interesting reads. I've summarized the mainpoints for you and also sharing the links if you want to go deeper. 

BONUS: scroll to the bottom for a quick video of my very excited husband buying his first tractor. 🥰 Enjoy! 


Nutrition: Sarcopenia in Menopausal Women

Main Points:

  • Eat adequate amount of high quality protein each day = (~1.3 - 2) g/per kg of body weight
  • Distribute your protein intake evenly throughout the day to maximize protein synthesis and prevent muscle loss (I aim for 25-30g per meal)
  • Intake alone is not enough, to grow muscle you must stress muscle = resistance training
  • Vitamin D is key, it increases calcium absorption and has a major regulating role in muscle function. Get 20 mins of sunshine everyday,  and/or supplement if needed. 


Stress: How to be Happier

Great list with easy prompts. Pick 1 or 2 approaches and see what works. Save this list and return to it when you need a little boost. 



This study demonstrates that non-rapid eye movement slow wave sleep (NREM SWA) potentially serves as a novel cognitive reserve factor, supporting memory function in cognitively normal older adults with high β-amyloid (Aβ) burden.


Translation 😊, Non-REM or Deep Sleep may be protective for healthy adults who have a family history or genetic predisposition to develop Alzheimers/Dementia. 

Easy Ways to Get More Deep Sleep:

  • Deep sleep happens earlier in the night so avoid going to bed too late and missing out on this phase
  • Moderate intensity exercise increases deep sleep
  • Fiber increases deep sleep, aim for 25-30g a day
  • Acoustic music and white noise has been shown to increase deep sleep. Try this playlist


Fitness: Short on time but want big gains try this Kettlebell swing 

Compound movements are the most efficent way to make quick muscle gains.  I also love these kettlebell workouts from yogi extraordinaire Gina Caputo. She's amazing and hilarious! 


Ridge Life: if you read last week's blog you know we have been struggling with maintaining our driveway. This week my husband got a new toy! The look on his face...I was crying laughing. Very excited to say the least. 🥰


Ted Tractor by Anna Watson Russ